Bule Hora University and AHEAD efforts continue

Bule Hora University and AHEAD contined with their efforts of building the capacity of the University. Dr Balako Gumi, Academic and Research Vice President and Dr Elfneh U. Bariso met in London and discussed strategies on how to moblise human and material resources for the University. They also travelled to Oxford and had a meeting with Dr Paul Jepson of Oxford University. After extensive discussion on the needs of Bule Hora Universities and various options to assist the University, an action plan for future collaboration was agreed. The action plan includes: · exploring a possibility of setting up an.c programmes in areas such as.ning and Environmental Sciences · designing the curriculum for the newly planned.c programmes · making an arrangements for Oxford PhD candidates to teach at Bule Hora University · helping with organising e-learning resources to support the.ning and Environmental Sciences programmes and other disciplines such English Languade education and pedagogy in general to enhance the University’s provision · mobilising contacts to give Skpe lectures to Bule Hora University staff and students · continuing communicating and sharing ideas and documents via emails, Skype and google docs · liaising and linking with other UK agencies · assessing possibilities of grant funding to undertake research and development projects.

Dr Balako explaining the needs of Bule Hora University and communities in its vicinity

Dr Paul Jepson responding the Dr Balako and Dr Elfneh’s explanation of the Bule Hora University’s situation and what needs to be done.

AHEAD and Bule Hora University have continued with their collaborative work. Elfneh visited the University and delivered a work shop on strengthening a global and networked learning community. The presentation was well received by the University staff and arrangements were made to begin joint research projects and academic networks.