AHEAD and Adola Primary School Teachers’ Education College begin a new partnership

The AHEAD and Adola Primary School Teachers’ Education College will work together to support the quality of teachers’ education at the College. During his visit to the College, Elfneh had meetings with trainee teachers, teacher trainers and the Dean of the College,. Ayele Udo. He also discussed the possibility of setting up and strengthening an English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC)at the College.

Adola College of Teachers’ Education background and proposed allocation of funds Adola College of Teachers’ Education (CTE) is a newly established institution having opened its doors to the first trainees in September 2012. The college is located in the Oromia region in the town of Adola which is found in the remote and rural Guji zone. The presence of the college in this area is an important step in the much needed development of the zone. The training programme is a three year course, preparing teachers for first cycle primary schools. This includes pupils in grades 1-4 (in general ages 7-11) and the first trainees will graduate in 2015. Education in the Oromia region is delivered in the local language from grades 1-8 (1st and 2nd Cycle Primary Schools), but from grade 9 the medium of instruction is English. However, the challenge presented is to ensure that the pupils have a sufficient understanding of the language to be able to receive instructions and to have teachers with a sufficient level of competence to teach in English. Consequently it is essential that a good basis in English is formed during primary level instruction. The trainees who have just completed their first year at Adola CTE (and those who will subsequently receive training) will be generalist teachers, expected to cover all subjects rather than specialising in one area. As a result it will be necessary for them to have not only a competent level of English, but also the skills to deliver it effectively in order to ensure that their future pupils are properly prepared to learn through that medium later in their academic lives. In order to address this challenge the college has, in line with other institutions, initiated an English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC) with the idea of providing materials and opportunities for trainees and college staff to enhance their level of English. This ELIC was started in December 2013 and is in the process of acquiring materials to fulfil its purpose effectively. At this stage there are certain items that would lead to further development of the ELIC’s usefulness within the institution. They are outlined below. Some needed Resources and Purposes English Language Skills Books – For use by students and staff to improve their language skills..3 Recorders/Players (3) – For use in sessions for listening (using native speakers/original materials) and for recording events for future playback Digital Camera (2) – For recording events, promotion of ELIC and use with ELIC magazine English Language story books (levelled) e.g. Penguin readers For promotion of reading among staff and students and to encourage book club Laminator To protect and increase longevity of self-created materials for ELIC It is intended that Adola CTE’s ELIC will act as a central establishment with branches in other local academic institutions such as the preparatory school (grades 11-12) and the high schools in Adola and the surrounding area. With future progress the ELIC at the college will be able to provide support and training to the satellite ELICs and foster an environment of shared resources and opportunities.