Exciting news: support surges in Ethiopia

Things are moving fast in Ethiopia in favour of Ahead’s efforts to build a community college in Shakiso Oddo District in Gujii Zone of the Oromia Regional State. There is a huge expectation of what Ahead can do in the region! When Elfneh talked to Abera Gamebela, the Deputy Governor of the Gujii on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, he sounded very emotional the desperate health, education and development needs in the area.. Gambela said that.hammed Jilo, the Chief Governor of the Gujii Zone and he himself will take urgent actions to speed things up to facilitate Ahead’s operation in Ethiopia. He reassured Elfneh that the Gujii Zonal administration has instructed the Chief Zonal architect to compile and present the information Ahead needs as a matter of emergency. He said that the Chief Zonal Governor is also fully committed to Ahead’s cause. Ahead needs local geographical and architectural information to design its community college by the help of Architects for Humanity (http://www.afhuk.org/ See our January news, https://aheadcharity.org/2007/01/new-year-new-partnership-ahead-is/ Sida, Ahead’s Representative in Ethiopia confirmed to Elfneh over the phone last night that an architect was sent from Nagele, the Zonal capital to Shakiso town to collect all the necessary data and compile a report on.nday and finish it by Tuesday or so.

Last night, Elfneh also talked to Aliye Umar, the Head of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Oromia Regional State.. Umar promised to speed up sending everything that Ahead needs and Ahead should concentrate only on its fundraising and college design efforts in the UK.. Umer’s office will coordinates activities in Ethiopia with Ahead Support Committee.

Ahead will step up its fundraising efforts to build its Community College. We call upon individuals and organisations to assist us to realise the ambition of building a community college in one of the remote concerns of Ethiopia.