New year, New Partnership

Ahead is pleased to announce that it has established partnership with Architecture for Humanity UK (AFHUK). After Ahead’s presentation to AFHUK today, AFHUK have agreed to design Ahead’s Community College to be built in Shakiso town in southern Ethiopia. Ahead’s Community College is hoped to be opened early next academic year. The College will deliver locally relevant courses in areas such as health promotion, education and development activities. AFHUK will design the College free of charge as part of their charitable mission to support good causes. The design alone could cost Ahead a huge amount of money. Ahead is sincerely grateful to AFHUK for the generous support they have offered.

AFHUK is the UK chapter of Architecture For Humanity, a non profit organisation promoting architectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises. Further details on AFHUK are available at

Ahead repeats its appeal to individuals and organisations to help it with the challenging task of raising fund to build the Community College, which will make a big difference to the lives of many disadvantaged people.

To obtain further details on the kind of support needed to build the College, please email us at or