Giraffe and Ahead

We are delighted to announce that Ahead and Giraffe Events Ltd (Giraffe) have established a partnership. Elfneh, Ahead’s Chairperson and Lara Bryan, Director, Giraffe Events Ltd, met early June to discuss Ahead’s work with a view to identifying an Ahead project that Giraffe could assist Ahead to accomplish. The planned Ahead Community College was found to be an ideal project to collaborate on. Over the next couple of months the tow organisations will closely work together and develop a detailed strategy and programme of cooperation.

Giraffe Events Ltd focuses on ‘events with a conscience’ aimed at performance development for corporate employees. They create bespoke 7-14 days programmes designed to test their teams in an environment that presents worthwhile challenges and realistic team building and leadership opportunities. A major highlight for all involved is the community element which allows the groups to take ownership of a project by funding the materials and taking part in the build, alongside the local contractors or team. In this sense everyone benefits.

Ahead and Giraffe Events Ltd are very keen to see this partnership resulting in fruitful outcomes.