AHEAD Chairman Visits Ethiopia – October 2019

From 18th-27th October, Dr Elfneh Bariso, Chair of AHEAD visited Ethiopia on behalf of the Charity’s Trustees. He conducted community consultation on current needs in collaboration with the Trustees of Unity Development Association (UDA), Community leaders and members: elders, young people, men and women of all ages and abilities.

Elfneh also met with Bule Hora University President, Dr Chala Wata, Vice Presidents (Mrs Metasebia Adula, Dr Fufa Esayas, Dr Getachew Godana, Mr Dembella Gemeda), Deans, Department Heads, staff members and students. He gave a presentation at the University’s Administrative Council meeting on good academic practices.

Dr Elfneh Bariso presents to Bule Hora University Senior Managers on
The Quality of Higher Education

Elfneh held discussions with AHEAD/UDA hostel beneficiaries, Shakiso Town Administration Authorities, Odo Shakiso District Adminstration, Shakiso Women’s and Children’s Affairs Bureau, Secondary School and Preparatory school headteachers, teachers and students. Their views will be used in AHEAD/UDA’s project planning.

Additionally, Elfneh carried out a research study on Ethnomathematics in collaboration with the university’s staff members in Guji Zone and West Guji Zone among parents, primary school teachers and pupils.

The research team observed lessons and toured schools. The research study seeks to identify indigenous methods of mathematics education with a view to assessing the possibility of integrating them into modern mathematics education to enhance quality of teaching and learning the subject.

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Irreecha 2019

AHEAD work closely with the Oromo community in the UK. On 5th October 2019, our trustees and volunteers took the opportunity to participate in the celebration of the Annual Irreechaa (The Oromo Thanksgiving Festival) organised by the London community.

The Oromo in the UK

The Oromo people celebrate various cultural festivals. The UK community is one of the longest standing black and minority ethnic groups in the country, with resident communities in Bolton, Brighton, London and Manchester since the early 1980s.

Oromo Culture & Language

Oromo people speak Afaan Oromo which is the third most widely indigenous African language on the continent. It’s a lingua franca in Ethiopia and also spoken in the Horn African countries such as Kenya, Somali and Djibouti. The Oromo socio-political system called Gada is also on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.