The Gada Lifelong Learning Framework

On 17th December 2021 our Chairman, Elfneh Bariso, represented AHEAD at the Italian Society of Applied Anthropology (SIAA) Conference hosted by the University of Palermo. The conference covered a number of diverse issues such the Oromo Gada and South Omo cultural philosophy and practices in Ethiopia. Elfneh gave a presentation entitled, “The Gada Lifelong Learning Framework: It’s potential for socio-cultural and educational transformations”.

Given the lack of participation, a very high dropout rate, underachievement, unemployment or under-employment in Oromia, he argued that the Oromo Gada Lifelong Learning Framework could be a viable option to enhance quality of education. Elfneh’s views are based on many years of research studies on education and the Gada system in Oromia. His paper is expected to be published in a special edition of a peer reviewed journal called “Antropologia Pubblica” during 2022.

AHEAD is not only engaging in the conversation and the strategy to improve Oromo society we are engaged on the ground with UDA (Unity Development Association), education departments and schools, to increase participation and improve the quality of education and achievement. Your financial and material support helps us provide continuous professional development training, supplementary teaching and learning resources that teachers can adapt or recreate to support their students.