SHAKISO Girls’ hostel update

As we announced a while ago, AHEAD and UDA had secured £24,000 funding from Civil Society Support Programme to build a hostel for disadvantaged girls in Shakiso town in rural Ethiopia. The hostel will provide safe accommodation for destitute girls who do not have money to rent accommodation or have no family or friend to stay with to go to school. Without such support these young girls run risks for their well-being and exploitation. Capitalising on this success, AHEAD and UDA will raise funds for similar projects in disadvantaged children rural areas. AHEAD and UDA appreciate any support with these projects. The land for the hostel construction has been given to UDA/AHEAD by the Guji Zone and Shakiso Town administrations. The architectural design for construction has been completed. The construction work itself will be underway very soon. You can some pictures of our current hostel beneficiaries at our blog: You can contact AHEAD via: Telephone: +44 (0) 757 079 9157 or emal

UDA/AHEAD have been renting this accommodation for about eight years. We hope that the new hostel will be better than the current provision.

UDA/AHEAD are well aware that there hundreds and thousands of poor boys and girls, specially from the countryside unable to go to school at all. We believe that the society, the government, schools, citizens and nongovernmental organisations have the responsibility to tackle this problem and unable young people to participate in education and improve their life chances.

Therefore, we call upon all to make contributions in any way they can to assist our youngsters to unlock their potentials. These are tomorrow’s doctors, nurses, lowers, pilots, leaders, politician, poets, engineers, technologists etc. If they are deprived of the opportunities to learn, they fail as a generation, then we fail as a nation. We hope that no one wants that to happen.

Let us show them in practice that we care about hem and about our future. Let deeds speak! Let practical examples lead us. No flowery empty words! Let them see that we mean it.

Thank you very much in advance, in anticipation, for your kind assistance in helping fellow human beings. UDA/AHEAD