AHEAD hosts 10 German college students

AHEAD and GEB London made a partnership arrangement for 10 German college students to visit AHEAD’s office and the local area in east London. The visit was very successful. This educational visit aimed at raising the students’ awareness of multiculturalism and active social participation such as running charities for good causes. Accompanied by Katarzyna Kacprzyk – GEB London, the visitor were warmly welcomed by Elfneh, Jaalannee and Rosie. Elfneh stated that “we are very friendly people and the very word Walthamstow means “Welcome”.

The group visited Vestry House.seum, which specialises in local history. Elfneh highlighted the link between the museum’s history and AHEAD’s charitable mission in that the.seum was built as workhouse for poor people in the locality. The inscription stone plaque erected above the entrance to mark the completion of the building reads: “if any would not work neither should he eat”.re details about the.seum are available at: http://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/vestry-house

The students passed by the local Labour Party office, where they admired the 1000 face of Walthamstow which depict the multicultural communities in the constituency. They also saw the local Asian Community Centre, which now caters for all ethnic groups.

The guided tour also included also the Walthamstow market, the longest open market in Europe. They admired the real multiculturalism displayed through the diverse people and products from various countries they came across at the one mile long market..re details about the market are available at: https://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/pages/servicechild/walthamstow-market.aspx

At AHEAD’s office in the.ll, a local community centre, Elfneh outlined the NGO’s projects in Ethiopia and London. He pointed out different challenges such as a lack of funding.

Rosie Apperley and Jaalannee Elfneh gave a presentation on multiculturalism. The students actively participated in the discussion, raised a number of questions and made comments. Elfneh linked the discussion.

Finally, Dr Stella Cressy, the.mber of Parliament) for Walthamstow, met the visitors, welcome to her constituency. She gave them a presentation on the British politics, history, the role of NGOs such as AHEAD in addressing social needs and promoting the spirit of internationalism.

At the end of the visit the students were given AHEAD’s certificate of participation.

Dr Stella Cressy, the.mber of Parliament) for Walthamstow and the AHEAD team warmly sent off the visitors.

AHEAD and GEB London intend to carry out more similar educational projects in future.