Helping families in Arjo

Arjo is a district in Eastern Wallaga in Oromia Sate (Ethiopia) and like most rural regions, Arjo families suffer from acute poverty due to a lack of sustainable incomes, poor housing and access to children’s education.

The Arjo Family and Children’s Project (AFCP) was established after Mrs Ejigayehu Kiflemariam visited the beautiful scenery and observed the fertile natural resources of the area.

Mrs Ejigayehu Kiflemariam, supported by the local people, was convinced that the situation of the people could be improved and be given better life chances with support and encouragement. With this vision, the AFCP was set up 3 years ago to alleviate poverty and a lack of education for families and children by assisting families build durable houses, to assist children attend school and provide adequate clothing.

Scheme 1 focuses on providing basic resources to the beneficiaries to support them meet their day-to-day needs. These resources included building one family house, provision of clothes and educational materials. These donations were provided directly to the family and as a result they have now been able to build a new home and send their children to school.

Scheme 2 concentrates on introducing a pilot micro-financing programme, whereby some money is lent to disadvantaged families to invest in a local small-scale trade to make money to support themselves. This will involve buying a sheep, which can be kept for some time before being sold at a reasonable profit. This activity will continue to increase the families’ income.

AHEAD was impressed by the work Mrs Ejigayehu Kiflemariam and her supporters started in Arjo. She established a common understanding about the needs of the area and AHEAD agreed to fund education materials, clothing for school children, the construction of a house for one family and micro-financing (interest free loans for disadvantaged families).

We appreciate all supporters of our objective to help poor families in Oromia. If you’d like to donate towards AHEAD’s work please visit our charity donation page. If you’d like to donate regularly or get involved please find out How you can help.