Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

To Dear AHEAD’s Supporters

A.rry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family.
AHEAD is delighted to announce that YOU have raised £2,867.10 as a result of AHEAD’s Bike Ride held on 5 June. AHEAD repeats its gratefulness to you for your great help. We’ll pay the rent for the girls’ hostel and save the rest of the money until we raise enough funds to start building the community vocational training centre. We hope that your support for us we’ll continue to help us achieve our goal.

Some keen supporters have been asking us when the next AHEAD’s sponsored bike challenge will be. We have the answer now, it’s Sunday 17 June 2012. Please put this date in your diary and start moblising supporters and sponsors. Last, year you did it well and we are sure that next year you’ll do even better! This year we had 40 cyclists, next year we are aiming for 100! With your help we’ll do it!

Bye the way, if there is any sponsorship money you received late and have not handed in, please let us known and we’ll make an arrangement with you to collect it.