New Academic Year, New Hope for 55 Girls

Ahead has launched its first hostel for poor girls in Odo Shakiso District in southern Ethiopia. The hostel provides accommodation to 55 very poor girls who have no one else to support of the girls come from remote corners of the District. Without such help these girls would stay in their localities and stop their education at primary school level and most likely get married. Their chances of securing jobs or getting self-employed is almost nil. With Ahead’s provision of accommodation, they can at least have somewhere to sleep and pursue their secondary education at Shakiso Town, the capital of the District.

These girls need food, clothes, educational materials and ideal some money for costs such as transport. Unfortunately, Ahead does not have resources to meet these needs. Therefore, we appeal to whoever can support these girls in any way they can at any level they can would greatly be appreciated. Ahead can gladly supply full profiles of these girls and their needs. We look forward to hearing from anybody who can join us to help out with this good cause. You can contact Elfneh Bariso via, or on 0753 578 7721, or 0794 659 2607