Children help Ahead

Three friends, who are staunch supporters of Ahead have decided to raise fund for the charity over two days. Jaalannee, Eebbaa and Gorran who are on holiday at the moment want to give their time to Ahead. They are not planning to raise a large sum of money but just seek to do an awareness raising activities here in the local neighbourhood for two days. Their flyer reads:

Charity Sale
Please come to our sale outside 53 Chester Road
on Wednesday 25 July and 26 July

We have books, teddies, toys, nail care/art, lots more. All the money raised will go to Ahead, a charity that helps people in Africa. The charity’s website is

Thank you for your support
Jaalannee (9)
Eebbaa (8)
Gorran (8)

Ahead is grateful to the children for their kindness and efforts.