Ahead took part in Mitra lecture

Professor Sugata.tra (Chief Scientist at NIIT, India) delivered the first Cisco-ICT4D Collective lecture entitled, “ICT for Development: Self Organising Systems and the challenge of ‘no child left behind'” on Wednesday 23rd November at Royal Holloway, University London. Prof Sugata.tra presented his many years research findings on what he called “Hole in the Wall” research and practice. In his presentation, Prof.tra demonstrated how young people living in slums and poor rural parts of India have been able to self-teach from specially designed computers placed in kiosks within their local communities.

Representing Ahead, Elfneh attended the lecture where he met Prof.tra and discussed.tra’s views and Ahead’s plans to deploy new technologies in its operation areas. Elfneh was also invited to give a speech on Ahead’s plan to harness new technologies to widen participation in learning, access to services and development opportunities.

Professor Tim Unwin (http://www.gg.rhul.ac.uk/tim) organised the lecture, which was attended by many members of ICT4D collective (http://www.ict4d.org.uk/) and other guest.