Lolotu Girls’ Hostel Project (LGHP)

AHEAD in collaboration with UDA, our partner registered charity in Ethiopia, has built its first girls’ hostel in Shakisso town, 500 km south of Addis Ababa. The hostel is addressing the needs of destitute girls’ from countryside who cannot afford rental accommodation while attending secondary school in the town.

Encouraged by the success story at Shakisso and the request of community in and around Lolotu town, AHEAD/UDA would like to build their second girls’ hostel there. According to our community consultation and needs assessment, a number of rural girls are unable to come to Lolotu to attend school due to a lack of accommodation. The target girls have to wake up before dawn to do household tasks before walking many kilometres to school. Many of the girls often go to school without eating and expose themselves to risk as they travel to the town. The young girls have been exposed to the dangers of sexual abuse and wild animals. The proposed hostel will address this risk and look to alleviate some of these problems.

The community members have requested AHEAD and UDA to help them build a hostel similar to the one in Shakisso. The community members have also promised significant contributions to project in all ways they can. At the moment community meetings are being held to raise awareness and mobilise resources in support of the planned Lolotu Girls’ Hostel Project.

We call upon our supporters, individuals and organisations who would like to see destitute girls lives transformed through safe accommodation and education, to make financial contributions to the cost of building the hostel by donating at WONDERFUL

AHEAD/UDA are very grateful, in advance, for any kind assistance we receive on the behalf of our deserving beneficiaries.