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AHEAD calls upon its existing and new supporters to help with fundraising campaign for the following projects:

1. Girls’ hostel construction projects in new and deprived districts such as Saba Boru, Soda and Bule Hora

2. Setting up of income generation projects such as Internet cafe/training centres and charity shops.

3. Education materials support project for different schools and colleges in Ethiopia.

4. Street children assistance projects in Addis Ababa and surrounding communities

5. An integrated project to support deprived families in Zuway


Sports Day, Saturday 16 July 2016

AHEAD and OYA-UK are delighted to invite you to the Oromo Annual Sports Day. We will publish all the details soon. We are planning to have sports event from 10am-5pm, followed by an entertainment programme until late in the evening! Please stay tuned and spread the word!



A Big Thank you to all those who have supported our fundraising event. More donations are still coming in. AHEAD is very greateful.



SATURDAY, 18 JUNE 2016, 09:30 -13:00hrs

Please come and join in!

Elmfield Road Green, Walthamstow, E17 7HJ

REGISTER HERE https://www.aheadcharity.org/index.php?option=com_rsform&formId=2&Itemid=99999

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AHEAD participates in Symposium

AHEAD was represented by Dr Elfneh U. Bariso at the second National Symposium of Bule Hora University held from 3-4 June. Elfneh was invited by the University to give a key note speech on education for pastoralist communities and the role of indigenous and western knowledge systems in improving the livelihoods of such communities. For details, visit http://aheadblog.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/elfneh-speaks-at-bule-hora-university.html


AHEAD visits to Ethiopia

AHEAD is always keen in consulting with local communities and their leaders. We have learnt a lot of useful information about current communty needs in the country.



Sponsored Bike Ride and Walk – Saturday 3 October 15

Please participate in AHEAD’s planned sponsored bike ride and walk to raise funds for AHEAD’s projects on Saturday 3 October 15 in east London.


Shakiso girls’ hostel update

We are delighted to announce the construction of Shakiso girls’ hostel has begun.

AHEAD and UDA have been renting accommodation for disadvantaged girls from deprived rural areas for the last seven years, so that they can attend Shakiso secondary school. Now we have secured funding to construct a purpose built hostel for the beneficiaries in the same town. The construction work is now underway. The girls will have a heathy and safe place to live. We are thrilled and grateful to our supporters. We will keep you updated.



20 German college students and their teacher

Following our success of hosting 10 German college students a few weeks ago, AHEAD hosted another 20 college students and their teacher from Germany on Sat 23 May. It was a very successful one day event. We are in the process of putting a summary of the visit on AHEAD’s blog.

AHEAD Shakiso hostel project update

As we announced a while ago, AHEAD and UDA had secured £24,000 funding from Civil Society Support Programme to build a hostel for disadvantaged girls in Shakiso town in rural Ethiopia. The hostel will provide safe accommodation for destitute girls who do not have money to rent accommodation or have no family or friend to stay with to go to school. Without such support these young girls run risks for their well-being and exploitation. Capitalising on this success, AHEAD and UDA will raise funds for similar projects in disadvantaged children rural areas. AHEAD and UDA appreciate any support with these projects.

The land for the hostel construction has been given to UDA/AHEAD by the Guji Zone and Shakiso Town administrations. The architectural design for construction has been completed. The construction work itself will be underway very soon.

You can some pictures of our current hostel beneficiaries at our blog:


You can contact AHEAD via:

Telephone: +44 (0) 757 079 9157 or  emal info@aheadcharity.org


AHEAD hosts 10 German college students

AHEAD and GEB London have made a partnership arrangements for 10 German college students to visit AHEAD’s office and the local area in east London. The visit was aimed at raising the students’ awareness of multiculturalism and active social participation such as running a charities for good causes. The students who were accompanied by Kasia of GEB London visited the Mill Community Centre, where AHEAD’s office is based. They also had a guided tour of Vestry House Museum and Walthamstow market, the longest open market in Europe. Elfneh, Jaalannee and Rose explained about AHEAD’s mission and the local area in relation to the projects that the charity does both in the UK and Ethiopia. A discussion was held on multiculturalism. The students were also welcomed by Dr Stella Creasy, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Walthamstow, who gave a presentation to the visitors on the British politics and history and Election 2015. Rosie and Jaalannee gave a presentation on multiculturalism in the UK. The visitors raised various questions and stimulating discussions were held as a result. AHEAD and GEB London intend to carry out more similar educational projects in future.

Photos of the visit are available on our blog at:



SHAKISO Girls’ hostel – Excellent news

AHEAD and UDA have secured £24,000 funding from Civil Society Support Programme to build a hostel for orphan girls in Shakiso town in rural Ethiopia. The hostel will provide secure accommodation for destitute girls who do not have money to rent accommodation or have no family or friend to stay with to go to school. Without such support these young girls run risks for their well-being and exploitation. Capitalising on this success, AHEAD and UDA will raise funds for similar projects in deprived rural districts. Support with these projects is much appreciated.

You can contact AHEAD via:

Telephone: +44 (0) 757 079 9157 or  emal info@aheadcharity.org


AHEAD and A Ray of Hope Fund Adola Teachers’ Education College

The two organisations have agreed to co-fund the College to purchase the educational resources the College needs to equip its newly formed English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC). The materials to be acquired soon will include:

1. Teaching Grammar

2. Presenting New Language

3. Simple Listening Activities

4. Simple Writing Activities

5. Simple Reading Activities

6. Simple Speaking Activities

7. Classroom English

8. Intercultural Activities

9. Cross-Curricular Activities

10. Practical English Usage

11. English Grammar in Use

12. Advanced Grammar in Use

13. Headway Elementary Student’s Book

14. Headway Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book

15. Headway Elementary Teacher’s Book

16. Headway Pre-Intermediate Teacher’s Book

17. English Language story books

18. Digital Camera

19. Laminator

20. 3 MP3 Players


Fund and awareness raising

The AHEAD fundraising team took part in a sport and cultural festival in West London. There were various sport activities and cultural displays – clothes, foods and drinks. The AHEAD’s team distributed AHEAD’s DVD, presented many cultural games such as saddeeqaa, qaphee, ja’aa  and fe’iisaa hiik. Festival participants enjoyed the games and admired AHEAD’s good cause. A number of people made donation, obtained a copy of AHEAD’s DVD, while others pledge support. They also gave different suggestions on how AHEAD can raise funds and reach out to more supporters.  A few people promised to adopt needy young people through AHEAD. The Mayor of the local Borough also came to AHEAD’S appreciated the charity’s work. To see some pictures from the festival, please see AHEAD’s blog at: http://aheadblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Bule Hora University and AHEAD efforts continue

Bule Hora University and AHEAD contined with their efforts of building the capacity of the University. Dr Balako Gumi, Academic and Research Vice President and Dr Elfneh U. Bariso met in London and discussed strategies on how to moblise human and material resources for the University. They also travelled to Oxford and had a meeting with Dr Paul Jepson of Oxford University. After extensive discussion on the needs of Bule Hora Universities and various options to assist the University, an action plan for future collaboration was agreed. For more details please see AHEAD’s blog at: http://aheadblog.blogspot.co.uk/

AHEAD and Bule Hora University Collaborate. For details see:


AHEAD and Adola College of Teachers’ Education College have begun partnership. For details see:


ICT Equipment handed over

Dr Elfneh U. Bariso, Chair of AHEAD visited Ethiopia in March and April 2014 when he handed over the ICT equipment donated by A Ray of Hope and the Tailor Trust. He gave the equipment to Mr Aga Xenxano, former Guji Gada Leader and Mr Gumi Boru, the Managing Director of Unity Development Association (UDA), AHEAD’s local registered partner NGO. The equipment will be used to record videos and take photos to teach pupils in these skills. AHEAD and UDA are very grateful to A Ray of Hope and the David Tyler Trust for the donation of ICT equipment. For photos showing the handover of the equipment, visit the AHEAD’s blog at:


Donation of ICT Equipment

AHEAD is very delighted for the donation of ICT equipment that is provided to us by A Ray of Hope and David Tyler Trust. The equipment include a camcorder and a projector. The materials will be used for education purposes in Ethiopia. AHEAD is grateful for the support which will enhance our projects in the country. For more details please click our blog here, http://aheadblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/ict-equipment_6.html

Shakiso Girls’ hostel gets financial support

AHEAD and UDA, our local partner charity, are very delighted to announce that Laga Danbi, a local mining firm, has donated 2000 Birr each to the beneficiaries of Shakiso Girls’ hostel this month after the girls’ needs were presented to them. The financial support is aimed at meeting some of the girls’ basic necessities such food and learning resources – textbooks and stationery. AHEAD and UDA are very grateful to Laga Danbi and hope that the kind humanitarian assistance will continue in future.


Elfneh Visits Ethiopia

Dr Elfneh U. Bariso, Chair of AHEAD, visited Ethiopia from 18 July – 20 August 2012. During the visit Elfneh held several consultation meetings with community members, leaders, students, teachers and government officials at all levels to mobilize support for AHEAD/UDA projects. Elfneh distributed educational resources to schools, colleges and universities; and delivered training sessions to students and teachers/trainers.

Some photos taken during the visit are available at AHEAD’s blog here:



E-Resources  Appeal

AHEAD is looking for used/refurbished e-resources such as laptops, data projectors, cameras, discs etc. We really appreciate any help from individually with these resources and or info on organisations/companies we could approach. The resources will be used to deliver training to disadvantaged people in Ethiopia. The courses include IT skills, basic/functional skills, employability skills etc. The resources can be sent to:

Coral Jepson
Low Hall Nursery School and Children’s Centre
Queens Road Community Centre
215 Queens Road
London E17 8PJ
Tel: 020 8496 2442

For further information or enquiries, please contact Elfneh Bariso via elfneh@gmail.com or 0794 659 2607.



New Opportunity, New Challenge

AHEAD is delighted to announce that a regional education office inEthiopia has requested AHEAD and UDA, our local partner, to assist the newly built Shakiso Technical and Vocational College of Education and Training. The details of this collaboration are being discussed by the stakeholders. This is a new opportunity as well as challenge for AHEAD and UDA. We will publicise more information when final partnership arrangements are agreed so that our supporters will be able to follow our progress.



AHEAD’s sponsored bike: A roaring success

AHEAD's Bike RideAHEAD's Bike Ride

To Dear AHEAD’s Supporters

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family.
AHEAD is delighted to announce that YOU have raised £3,465 as a result of AHEAD’s Bike Ride held on 5 June. AHEAD repeats its gratefulness to you for your great help. We’ll pay the rent for the girls’ hostel and save the rest of the money until we raise enough funds to start building the community vocational training centre. We hope that your support for us we’ll continue to help us achieve our goal.

AHEAD’s Bike Ride
On Sunday 5 June 40 cyclists joined AHEAD (Action for Health, Education And Development) on a sponsored bike ride in the charity’s quest to raise £10,000 to build a vocational training centre and support a girls’ hostel in Ethiopia. For details read http://aheadblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/on-sunday-5-june-40-cyclists-joined.html

More pictures from the bike ride are available here http://aheadblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/ahead-bike-ride-in-pictures-geting.html

AHEAD – Fighting poverty and inequalities

Work in the Uk

AHEAD is based in a deprived part of east London. The charity has started to address some of the local needs. We have begun delivering courses in English For Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and fun and educational activities for children. AHEAD will offer more courses and support as soon as we obtain more resources. We are appealing to individuals and organisations to donate used laptops and finance to deliver our planned training courses. For details see http://aheadblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/laptops-appeal-ahead-is-looking-for.html

New partnership with Mirandanet

AHEAD and Mirandanet have agreed to work in collaboration to develop new technology-supported learning opportunities both here in the UK and Ethiopia. Mirandanet has a lot of experience and expertise in creating online learning communities in various countries throughout the world. The new partnership will significantly accelerate AHEAD’s efforts in general and educational projects in particular. The progress of this new partnership will be published on this site. For details on Mirandanet, visit www.mirandanet.ac.uk

Work in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s poverty-stricken economy is based on agriculture, accounting for half of GDP, 60% of exports, and 80% of total employment. The agricultural sector suffers from frequent drought and poor cultivation practices.

Drought has seriously affected even districts which traditionally were known for their good agricultural produce. Bush fires, which are exacerbated by prolonged droughts, have destroyed the remnants of forests that had survived farming, building and charcoal making.

The majority of inhabitants have been experiencing famine for a long time. The enormous healthcare, educational and development needs require a systematic and determined response from citizens, NGOs and the international community.